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WatermarkMaster SDK is a library based on the Watermark Master application. It is intended for creation of videos and images with adding watermarks of any kinds (text, graphics file, video clip, animated GIF, etc) to them, creation of thumbnails for videos and graphics files, extraction and removal of video scenes, splitting video files into parts, application of various unique video effects, application of different filters (Crop, Resize, Sharpen/Soften, Rotation, Grayscale, etc). Any added watermark can be filled with a gradient or pattern, rotated arbitrary, assigned the values of transparency and resize; moreover, a number of simple effects (Stroke, Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow, Tile, etc) and dynamic ones (Fade, Motion, etc) can be applied to it. The library supports all basic video formats. It is based on COM technology, thus and so any programming language that supports COM objects (C++, Visual Basic, JScript, Java, C#, etc) can be used for writing code. WatermarkMaster SDK provides detailed documentation with step by step description of use of its basic features, C++ examples and other helpful information. The work with the library is simplified to the maximum and does not expect any special knowledge about processing of videos or graphics files from user. WatermarkMaster SDK can be used for completion of custom tasks: optimization of video content processing, creation of full-blown commercial applications (similiar to Watermark Master) for processing of videos or creation of graphics files.

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